Find the answers to our common questions from customers below.

Do I require planning permission?

As long as your building is not more than 2.5m high within 2m of a neighbours boundary, then you are within current planning laws. If your building is 4m or more from a neighbours boundary, then you can have up to 4m high. It is however advisable and it is the customers responsibility to check before ordering and delivery that the planning for your particular area and current laws are adhered to. Sheds2Fencing are in no way responsible for giving or checking planning laws for individual customers and all of the above is given as a guide only.

Access requirements and day of erection terms

We offer a FREE erection service on all our buildings on day of delivery only, which is subject to the following requirements. An adequate firm level flat base built to suit the size of building ordered, needs to be in place prior to our arrival, and easy access to the base with no height restrictions below 8ft / 2.4 mtrs. If access is an issue please let us know prior to ordering and we may be able to build to suit, however there will be a charge for this service.

Please note we will not lift any panels over fences, walls or buildings to gain access to the base due to insurance liability.

Panels must go around your property not through it. If necessary, and in order to accommodate, please remove fence panels or any obstructions. (i.e.: over hanging tree limbs, arches, wires or gutters etc.). If going through gates, there must be no arches, bars or lintels above. Remember also, that these panels and roofs are very heavy. Normally there are only two people on each van. These personnel are employed to erect your building and not rectify your base or access problems. If you have any worries please contact us to discuss.

If the building can not be erected on the arranged delivery date due to an inadequate base or poor access, then the building will be on a delivery only basis and payment will still be required in full. If you still require us to erect your building on an alternative date once the issues regarding base or access have been addressed a recall charge will be required prior to the newly arranged date.

Do i need to provide the base?

One of the most important factors in purchasing a new garden building from Sheds2Fencing is to ensure you take the time to prepare an adequate base for the shed to sit on. It should be level, flat and of solid construction which will support the floor bearers of the shed throughout and give it a solid foundation. One of the most common factors in the premature demise of garden buildings is that the base was not adequate for the building.


More info for Field shelters or Stables

You can put our field shelters/stables straight onto the grass, hardcore, paving, gravel or concrete as long as the base is level.  Customers have said hardcore with rubber matting on top works a treat!

Planning Permission: Please check with your local council on planning permission.  As far as we are concerned if you can move your shelter/stable to a different location then you do NOT need planning permission.  If you want a concrete base and want to fix your shelter to the concrete with no skids then you would need planning permission.  For further information please contact your local council.

Fixing your shelter/stable to the ground:  Depending on the base you have for your shelter there are lots of different ways of securing your shelter/stable to the ground.

Concrete base – Raw Bolted into the concrete, concrete breeze blocks tied to the roof

Hardcore – Angle Iron each corner

Grass – Ground bolts, Angle Iron, fill the gap between the kick boards with sand and stone

Nothing is guaranteed to hold down your shelter/stable in 100mph winds however we recommend securing it to the ground to increase your chances of it not moving in strong winds.

Always think about the positioning of your shelter/stable, if the wind tends to blow across the fields in a particular direction then facing the openings in the opposite direction can help its longevity.

We do not cover any damage caused by high winds.

How do I choose the right size?

The easiest way to determine what size building you require is to measure the area you are looking at putting the building with the following factors in mind.

Allow room all around the shed (at least 1ft) for roof overhangs and maintainance. Remember that the shed size is the floor footprint and DOES NOT include the cladding or roof overhangs.

If the shed is going into a gap remember to allow for roof overhangs.

Is a floor included in the basic price?

All our buildings where appropriate come complete with a floor. The basic construction of our floors are usually the same heavy duty 15/19mm tongue and groove.

How long will it take to build, deliver and erect my building?

We aim to deliver your shed within a period of 2 to 4 weeks from ordering. However, this can extend slightly during busy periods. Please ask BEFORE ordering if your timescale is different.

Delivery dates

Our delivery date is only a guide and may change depending on circumstances beyond our control. (i.e.: Breakdowns, Accidents and Adverse weather conditions)

What types of payment do you accept?

The usual payment terms are cash on delivery. On large or expensive orders we do usually require a deposit to secure your order. If you would like to pay by cheque this will need to be cleared through the bank before delivery.

Liability & Terms

The customer accepts full responsibility for any injury which may be caused to any person within, around, or on the timber building. All buildings including Sheds, Beach Huts, Field Shelters, Stables, Garages, Potting sheds, Animal Houses, Play Houses – are not secured to the base. This is the customers responsibility. Sheds2Fencing only guarantee the felt for 3 months and colour of felt may vary this is beyond our control. Felt shingles are not recommended for open or coastal areas. We hold no responsibilities for damage or lifting of felt shingles once installed by Sheds2Fencing due to adverse weather conditions. Normal felt is recommended in these areas it is recommended that in very open / exposed areas you strap down the building. D.P.C is the customers responsibility.

It is also the customers responsibility to ensure the building is water tight. We will not return to any problems caused by damp issues regarding inferior water sealants used. Inferior products will allow water penetration that will in due course can lead to swollen doors, panels and roof timbers witch may swell and pop from the building We felt our buildings in a way that has been tried and tested Felt is expensive. To maximize the use of each roll, there will be a join on one side of every building. This will have a large over lap to ensure the join is water tight.

Sheds2Fencing will not be responsible for any damage caused by adverse weather conditions, As timber is a natural product the company cannot be held responsible for cracks, shrinkage, knots or movement in our buildings.Pressure treated timber buildings will require maintenance i.e.: Doors, windows joints and seals should be resealed with mastic or sealant then re coated with protek, we recommend Protek Royal water repellent with built in uv protection, Pressure treated timber is porous and requires water proofing regularly All felt must be checked for deterioration that can lead to leaks. If your sectional building is erected in the rain or damp inclement conditions, you must ensure you leave adequate ventilation to allow the sectional building to dry. Any damage to any building inside or out due to adverse weather conditions (High Winds, Storms, Frosts, Snow, Rain and Extreme Heat) wil be a chargeable repair to the customer. Failing to ventilate the building whilst timbers are drying out can cause condensation to occur. This will produce drips of water inside the building, which can be mistaken for leaks. Condensation will also occur on the inside of the windows .Leave windows and doors open to air the building on fair weather days. Never use a heater this can cause the building to dry out too quickly and cause cracks and warping, especially the roof. All glass has a 7 day guarantee (i.e.: Potting sheds, Playhouses). Customer complaints require photographic evidence.

Sheds2Fencing cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to any property, drives, fixtures, fittings, garden ornaments and plants on delivering the buildings.